Welcome to BARK CITY


Located just three blocks from Elm St. and City Hall, Bark City is Manchester’s only downtown doggy daycare facility. Drop your dog off right on your way to work!


At Bark City, our approach to doggy daycare is simple—we let our guests make their own decisions. From playtime to napping and lunch, your dog calls the shots from the moment he or she arrives.

Now Open!

Bark City is Manchester’s newest dog-centric daycare facility. Unlike other doggy daycares, we focus on allowing our canine guests the chance to determine how they want to spend the day. Rigid schedules? Not here.

Twelve dogs sitting nicely

Our Services

Bark City is a full-service wellness center for dogs. We offer a tailored experience—different for every pup who visits our facility.
  • Live Webcams

    Watch live via our webcams as your dog makes new friends.
  • Report Cards

    Daily report cards on your dog’s activity and behavior at Bark City.
  • Flexible Schedules

    Your dog’s day is left up to them to determine—the way it should be.

How to Get Started

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Why choose Bark City?

We offer a different approach to doggy daycare at Bark City—unique to the Manchester area.
  • Experienced Staff

    Our staff will give your dog the day they deserve and keep them safe in the process.
  • Flexible Day Care Model

    We believe dogs should take charge of their days and offer them the flexibility to do so.
  • A Gorgeous Space

    Bark City’s playroom is a state-of-the-art facility — right in downtown Manchester — come check it out today!
  • Tailored, Full-service Approach

    Whether your dog needs grooming, an extended stay or simply a new toy to play with, we’re here to help.
Dog with packed for day care