Schedule your Dog’s Initial Temperament Consultation

Bark City’s Initial Temperament Consultation ensures that your dog is a great fit for our cage-free daycare facility. Your dog will start by meeting our staff for some quality one-on-one time. If that meeting is successful, your pup will be taken into the main playroom and introduced to a few of our current daycare dogs – one at a time. If no incidents occur, we’ll introduce a few more dogs for your pup to meet, and our staff will observe your dog’s behavior. Once your canine has passed our assessment, they’re welcome to stay with us here at Bark City any day of the week!

For your convenience, we highly recommend that you make a reservation for your dog’s initial temperament test. Please fill out the form at right to schedule your appointment.

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What types of dogs do well at Bark City?

Friendly, social, non-aggressive dogs do best at Bark City. Our daycare provides a level of freedom and security that allows your dog to interact with dogs of all sizes and breeds.  If your dog possesses one of the following groups of personality traits, he or she will most likely thrive in our daycare environment.

The friendly and playful dog: Your dog loves to play with dogs of all sizes and happily changes their play style based on the size and number of dogs they are currently playing with.

The relaxed dog: Your dog enjoys playtime, but he or she also likes their rest.  The relaxed dog can do particularly well in our daycare environment because there will always be a group of dogs to relax and snuggle with.

The little guy: Maybe your pup is not the biggest in the play yard and becomes intimidated when in a play group with a much larger dog.  Bark City understands that while some small dogs enjoy playing with dogs larger than themselves, others certainly do not.  That is why Bark City designates an area of our playground just for the little guys, no big dogs allowed!

What types of dogs don’t enjoy Bark City?

If your dog possesses one of the following groups of personality traits, he or she may not be best suited for a day spent at our daycare.

The predator: If you have a big dog that becomes aggressive in a play group with smaller dogs, your pup will most likely not do well in our daycare. At Bark City we want all dogs of all sizes to be safe and happy. Note that there is a difference between a large dog who is incapable of playing nicely with smaller dogs and a large dog who has never had the opportunity to play with smaller dogs. If your dog is the latter, our initial temperament consultation will determine their suitability to our daycare.

The nervous guy: Some dogs can simply be overwhelmed by all that is happening in a daycare environment. The nervous guy enjoys hanging out on his own, but unlike the relaxed dog, would rather be alone than in the presence of other dogs. If you have a nervous guy, he or she may be most comfortable at home and would benefit from solo walks during the day.